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Saturday, Dec 31st, 2011
Happy New Year!
2011's last release marks the second coming of a project I started at KEFI, which recently disbanded. Go Go! Pudding Empire might not be up to our usual weirdo standard, but it's a funny little series that takes the piss out of monster-of-the-week shows, and general Japanese habits. Some of you might be familiar with its cast, as they made a guest appearance in the anime adaptation of Makoto Kubota's "Tentai Senshi Sunred." Anyway, as I already released the first 25 (of 34) chapters at KEFI, this isn't all new material. But I strongly advise you to still download the entire thing, since I've done some extra fine-tuning on those previously released chapters, with the much appreciated (and needed) help of marikari!

Go Go! Pudding Empire v1
poster: barbapapa

Monday, Sep 12th, 2011
In & Out
This is more of an update, than a release. One of our translators, marikari, wanted some lines changed in the second chapter of Ranman we released back when. Since it was her first chapter for us, she felt a nagging desire to improve on some lines. And here you have it fellow perfectionists, version 2 of Ranman.

poster: barbapapa

Sunday, Aug 21st, 2011
A spoonful of Manga
Got a little something of (almost) everything for you today. I'm hoping Baka & Gogh will soon be concluded as well; I believe to have reason for said hopes, so fingers crossed. What is concluded as of now, is the first volume of Sachiko & Neko-sama! I know hardly anyone out there reads it, but this seems like a mighty fine opportunity to bask yourselves in pure, unbridled cynicism. Not that the story really relies on cliffhangers, but I know I myself am a bit sceptic when I see only a handful chapters have been released of some manga.
To round things off, Mangascreener's own personal Swedish Santa came up with both a chapter of Shima Shima, and Peshi.

Peshi 38
Shima Shima 5
Sachiko & Neko-sama v1 (including the newly released chapters 8-11)

Have a good one! (whatever that may be)
poster: barbapapa

Sunday, Jul 24th, 2011
Happy Birthday
The oldest remains of the original Mangascreener website turned up a first release dating back to July 24th, 2001. Whereas it's never a bad idea to celebrate a coming of age (especially for a scanlation group holding out for 10 years), a few months ago I wasn't even sure if I'd even have enough releases to warrant said festivities.
Many people have come and go to make this anniversary a reality, keeping us from closing the curtains permanently. I feel like thanking every single one of you, even the people that I've never even met; but it's not quite time for the final credits just yet.
Without further delay, we move on to today's screening!

- The 10th chapter of Baka & Gogh.
Brought to you by the perpetual efforts of crackerjack translator flyingrobots, who's still set on finishing this thing he started; whether he's getting paid to work on badder mango or not.

- The second, and final installment of Coo's World.
Brought to you by a mishmash of talented people, finally gathering their strengths to see this skeleton in our closet off once and for all.

- And a triple edition of Sachiko & Neko-sama.
Brought to you by yours truly, aided by a Swedish fairy godfather with mad punctuation skillz.

10 chapters, 10 years.
We've already outlived many a group, but I just hope we will always be able to make you aware of the kind of manga you always wanted to (but couldn't) read, or thought never existed.

poster: barbapapa

Thursday, Jun 16th, 2011
Rest in peace, sweet prince
So it seems "The Journey to the End of the World" has ended.
I'll be damned if I know what was there to be found, because I was too busy taping my balls to my anus in an effort to showcase superiority among my peers.

Brought to you by the crew who started this project, and the crew who finished it!
The Journey to the End of the World [MS&GWR]

Stay toon'd.
poster: barbapapa
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