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  This page contains udates made on the front page from months past, if you really like reading this kind of stuff, its all here for you, i don't see why, but i don't feel like deleting the updates, cause it shows i actually work on this page, so i'll keep em here =p

2002.04.25-23:20 :: We are currently re-designing the page, so this update is just a little bit of an appetizer before the redesign. I do realize its been 2 weeks since the last update, I do own a calendar, so yeah. Well anyways, here are your selection of manga for tonight:
Beck v01c02 (Yukio goes to his first concert and...)
City Hunter v02c08 (Ryo has to become a "teacher" to pay off a debt, what kind of things will he be teaching.)
Monster v02c09 (We all know about Johan now, and what he's been up to for the last couple years, what about his sister?)
One Piece v13c115-116 (The beginning of the little garden arc.)
Ryuuroden v04c12 (How will Shirou's existence in the world of the 3 kingdoms change the outcome of the war...)
Shaman King v06c52 (We finally get to see the result of all of Yoh's training!)
Ian Smith, Webmaster ::

2002.04.11-00:08 ::Midnight Snack! Well it’s been a while since a nice big update, so I hope this was well worth the wait. Tonight we have something special, an all-new series called Beck, I highly recommend you check it out. We also have all the good stuff you’ve come to enjoy from Mangascreener… so I’ll let you get to your reading:
Beck v01c01 (Yukio’s life is a wreck, now lets see how he can make it even worse!)
Monster v01c08 (The highlight of volume 1, the monster is revealed)
Katteni Kaizo v01c06 (Viva France! The greatest chapter of Kaizo to date, and one of the most naughty! Read at your own risk!)
One Piece v13c113-114 (The end of Luffy and Zoro’s fight, and the appearance of a new major character!)
Ryuuroden v03c11 (War is breaking out, and what can the Dragon Princess do about it!)
Shaman King v06c50-51 (More Shaman King antics)
Under The Dapple Shade v02c13 (Sakurai Sensei’s last days of student teaching, and the class trip, memories in the making)
Ian Smith, Webmaster ::

2002.03.30-20:40 :: Hello everyone, I’m sorry for the lack of manga for the last week, I decided to take a vacation from the page all together and enjoy my break, so now I’ve got a bunch of manga for you!
One Piece v13c109-112 (More whiskey peak! And someone had a bit too much to drink… so a SHOW DOWN BETWEEN LUFFY AND ZORO!)
Shaman King v06c47-49 (The aftermath of the Faust fight, and Manta loses a friend and gains a new one!)
Me Gumi No Daigo v01c02 (Daigo must confront his new found fear of fire!)
Monster v01c07 (The story that will be the focus of the next 17 volumes starts to unfold, as an old character makes his shadowy entrance… The Monster!)
Katteni Kaizo v01c05 (The first of many new threats appears to Kaizo, as his history is unfolded.)
Ryuuroden v03c09-10 (Two more chapters of Ryuuroden, Shirou kicks @$$!!!)
Ian Smith, Webmaster ::

2002.03.14-22:35 ::Well finals week is next week, so some of the projects have slowed down, particularly Ryuuroden… but once the next term gets going there should be steady progress. I’ve made a couple updates to the page, like adding stuff to the staff page, the projects page and the join the staff page… I’d also like to give you early warning that a major update is going to be made to the layout, to bring it into the 21st century… cause it seriously needs it. However it will not affect any of the distribution of manga or how the page runs, so dun worry… I’ll tell you though; it’s looking mighty keen!
Ok, and what you’ve been wasting for, the update includes:
Monster v01c05-06 (After several deaths in the hospital Tenma’s life seems to take some sort of order again, important characters for the progression of the story are introduced, and whispers of the monster begin.)
Katteni Kaizo v01c04 (There’s something poetic about this chapter… however I’d suggest if you’ve got a problem with male genitalia you skip this one!)
Shaman King v06c45-46 (The conclusion of the Faust fight!)
One Piece v12c104-108 (More grand line fun, as they get to their first island, Whiskey Peak)
Enjoy ~_~ and come visit us on #mangascreener on some time =P
Ian Smith, Webmaster ::

2002.03.05-20:55 ::Good evening folks, I know its been a while since an update, and I’ve made sure to read all of your e-mail before deleting them and adding you to my ignore list. Anyways, I’ve decided to be generous tonight, so there will be a small portion of One Piece along with the other manga I’m putting up tonight, but seriously, if you guys don’t get wise and start acting respectful I’m going to put you all into withdrawal for a much longer time. Anyways, tonight’s manga is:
I’ll v02c04 [Akane and Hiiragi finally play together on the same team, but who is going to be the star of the team…]
Shaman King v05c36-44*complete* [The end of the Horohoro fight and the intro of a new even more dangerous enemy]
Ryuuroden v02c06-v03c08 [A good chunk of ryuuroden chapters, the story progresses a lot, enjoy]
Katteni Kaizo v01c03 [Kaizo blows things out of the proportions again, and Umi becomes a cyborg too… must read]
One Piece v12c100-103 [The straw hat pirates run from the marines and pirates in L-town and make for the Grandline]

2002.02.17-23:30 :: Well i hope everyone enjoyed Chinese New Year and Valentines day, I know I did, anyways, I've got a special update for Presidents Day... so today's update is going to be known as THE SUPER WASHINGTON UPDATE... in memory of the US's founding president... (Plus its the state where I live) anyways today we have a bunch of goodies for you to enjoy on your holiday, just make sure to remember your presidents.
Katteni Kaizo v01c02 [Kaizo loses his memories, and chaos ensues at Torauma Highschool.]
Monster v01c04 [Tenma deals with the loss of his fiancÚ, and job prospects, and the plot thickens with the last pages]
One Piece v11c95-99 [My favorite One Piece chapters EVER! Read them now, this is some great stuff! Intro of Smoker and Co. as well as some deep destiny stuff for you all to ponder… PLUS SHANKS!!!]
Shaman King v04c34-35 [End of volume 4 of Shaman King, and the start of the Shaman Fight between Horohoro and Yoh!]
Ryuuroden v02c05 [stuff happens… just read]

2002.02.09-19:49 :: Good Evening everyone, and welcome to another weekly installment of Mangascreener. This week we have a brand new manga series for you, which I’m really excited about called Katteni Kaizo, as well as more chapters of your favorite manga, enjoy the show:
Katteni Kaizo v01c01 [Kaizo gets in an accident, and when he wakes he believes he’s been turned into a cyborg, chaos ensues at Torauma Highschool]
Monster v01c03 [Tenma must deal with his choice to save the child’s life, and the outcome isn’t pretty]
One Piece v11c91-94 [The end of the Arlong Arc, and one of the most touching moments, as Luffy helps Nami overcome her past]
Ryuuroden v02c04 [Shirou is challenged by the meaning of “The Child of Destiny”]
Shaman King v04c33 [Horo Horo makes his grand entrance, as Yoh’s first opponent for the Shaman King qualifications]
Under the Dapple Shade v02c12 [Tatsuya confronts Mr. Sakurai about Sara, the plot thickens, and a new friendship develops]

2002.02.02-12:55 :: Hello all you manga fans, sorry it took so long for this update, I had hoped for new chapters of a few of the smaller projects, but everyone is busy with midterms and papers and such for this last while, so today’s update is pretty small, but I hope you enjoy it none the least. I hope to see more talk in the forums, its pretty dead in there lately ~_~ anyways, I should be back on a weekly updating schedule pretty soon, so don’t worry about future updates. Today’s treats are:
Monster v01c02 (Tenma struggles with his thoughts, and the plot thickens)
Ryuuroden v01c03 (Shirou rides off to save Lian Hua, fighting ensues *duh*)
Shaman King v04c31-32 (Yoh finishes his fight with Silva, but can his force beat Silva’s totem cannon)
One Piece v10c87-90 (The One Piece gang continues to fight Arlong’s pirates, and we finally get down to the main event, Arlong vs. Luffy)

2002.01.18-16:55 :: NEW MANGA DAY! Today we have a special treat, not just one new manga series, but two new manga... so without further adieu, today’s manga is:
Me Gumi No Daigo v01c01
Monster v01c01
Ryuuroden v01c02
I’ll v01c03 (plus omake =)
One Piece v10c82-86
We also re-did some of the translation on Shaman King v04c29-30

2002.01.09-19:45 :: FIRST UPDATE OF THE NEW YEAR!! Extra special back to school update… this update is for everyone who is back in school and needs a break, it was a pretty good vacation, we got LOTS of translation work done, and a good amount on the editing side as well (although some of our editing is pretty trashy, I’m not going to name any names, but I’m going to beat up don if he doesn’t do some quality control around here… as long as the individuals involved improve, then everything is cool.) As you know, we haven’t had an update in a long while, so I decided that this one would be extra nice, so we’ve got chapters of 3 different manga for you today:
Rave v01c02-4 (that would be the rest of volume 1)
One Piece v09c72-81 (that’s all of volume 9 folks)
Shaman King v03c35-v04c30 (that’s past any of the other translations available on the net, you can only get them here folks.)

2001.12.23-00:55 :: Its a One Piece kind of Christmas.... I KNOW I KNOW, you all wanted tons of stuff to read during the break, well tough luck, i had to work 14 hour shifts every day for the past week and a half... anyways, i'm going home tommorow so i HAD to put something up tonight, so i hope a full volume of One Piece will tide you over until next year... anyways, have a merry christmas and don't drink too much eggnog. (And if you're the one or ones voting me down on noated, burn in hell >_< you deserve nothing but coal for christmas).
One Piece v08c63-71
Ian Smith, Webmaster ::

2001.12.11-22:40 :: Finals stress relief package!!! Ok, so that last one was just for you early starters who had finalish stuff last week, but now i know most of us have our faces in books and have no time to read manga, but honestly, what better time is there to read manga, so for you i have a really nice update inlcuding:
I'll v01c02 (OOOOOH YEAH!!! THIS IS SO AWESOME, and only a week after the first chapter ~_~ its beautiful)
One Piece v07c58-62 (more of the kreig ark)
Shaman King v03c20-24 (the next biggest shaman king on the internet has only released 1/8 of what we have, so enjoy =)
New banners were also added to the link to us page... Anyways, enjoy the manga, and make sure to study too ^_~
Ian Smith, Webmaster ::

2001.12.03-22:20 :: Happy finals week update!!! ~_~ anyways, its about that time of year again, especially for me, i gave up writing a paper tonight to bring you this great update =p so be thankful... (i've still got tommorow night thank god) ... anyways... tonight i have a special treat for all of you, tonight's update should also be titled the NEW MANGA WEEK... featuring 2 long awaited new manga, I'll and Rave... so sit back and enjoy your selection for this week:
I'll v01c01
Rave v01c01
Shaman King v03ch18-19
One Piece v07ch54-57
Well its back to the books for me, i've got a couple papers due in the next few days, so if you''re trying to contact me, keep that in mind...
Ian Smith, Webmaster ::

Today for you i have over 2 volumes of new manga, i'm sorry i didn't put the titles on the individual series pages, or cite the editors, but i'm in a vrey big rush, i've got to go home soon, and my rides gonna be here any minute (and i'm supposed to meet them over a mile away from my apartment) so i had to cut corners, i'll fix it all up when i get back this weekend. So for your reading enjoyment:
One Piece v06c45-v06c53 (the whole 6th volume)
City Hunter v02c07
Shaman King v01c08-v02ch17 (the end of volume 1, and all of volume 2)
Under The Dapple Shade v02ch11
^_- make sure to be thankful in the forums, it'd be nice hehe. In the next 2 weeks we should be premiering 2 new manga, the first chapters of I'll and Rave, so stay tuned =p
Ian Smith, Webmaster ::

2001.11.12-14:56 :: Well its been a long week, but thank god us Americans get a 3 day weekend, cause I needed it, or else I wouldn't have gotten the pages updated by the weekend =p saved by the bell... anyways tonight we've got 6 chapters of manga for you (I know I promised shaman king, but I won't have the pages ready until Wednesday or so) so without further adieu
One Piece v05c40-v05c44 (that’s the end of volume 5, and it also includes the first appearance of Sanji)
City Hunter v02c06 (106 pages of city hunter, I hope you guys can handle it)

2001.11.04-00:42 :: so tired... i think i'll sleep now, but first i'll give all you insomniacs out there something to read.
One Piece v04c34-v05c39
Ian Smith, Webmaster ::

2001.10.27-12:30 :: Sorry I didn't get the new chapters up last night like I promised I would, I should stop making promises I can't keep... oh well, I spruced up the one piece page, and the projects page, and uploaded:
One Piece v04c28-v04ch33 (6 chapters)
Enjoy... I'm going back to sleep now >_<
Ian Smith, Webmaster ::

2001.10.24-00:40 :: As you might have noticed, the news part of the main page disappeared for some of the day, I tried to get newspro to work on this page, but the server doesn't seem to support SSI, so I got all the scripts set up, but it wouldn't meld with the main page, so it was all for not >_< UGGHHH
Anyways, I promised 2 chapters of one piece last night, but I had a virus scare and couldn't edit any of the pages yesterday (cause I was frantically scanning my computer for viruses) and then after that, I realized that my copy of chapter 28 is missing a page, so I have to edit and replace the page that I had in its place... so as soon as that is done I’ll add that chapter, so expect probably around 5-6 chapters on Friday... but for now, please enjoy:
One Piecev04c27
Also, I’m proud to announce that I'll (generation basket) has officially been moved to the active projects, we're currently translating, and will soon be releasing (after we release rave volume 01) and I’d like to note that it will be replacing samurai deeper kyo on the active list, we've decided to cede samurai deeper kyo to project omanga, its best not to be counter productive, they wanted to do it, so since we have many projects, we let them have it.
Ian Smith, Webmaster ::

2001.10.15-20:03 :: Wheee this'll probably be my last update using hard html code for the journal *YAY* cause I successfully set up newspro on (my personal site), so now I know how to do it right for this page (cause I’m cool) so this weekend I’ll be switching over all of this news to the new automated journal... wheee fun... anyways, announcements for tonight consist of the addition of another banner to my "cool sites" and that’s reinselft's page, she's cool cause she works for the page, and also promotes it on hers, nice ne? And mangascreener has adopted shanks from sketchy, cause shanks is my hero (I’m planning on making a doujin someday about the misadventures of shanks... like... meanwhile shanks is off making another young boy want to become a pirate... damn that shanks, always hitting on young boys... er... you'd know what I was talking about if you've read one piece *yaoi* =p never mind) and I’m also noticing very little talk in the forums, so I’m thinking I’ve got to start another controversial conversation ~_~ I just haven’t figure out about what yet.
Ian Smith, Webmaster ::

2001.10.15-20:55:: Tonight I have some minor updates, but no manga *gomen* I re-build, tell me what you think, I also added a small banner to the right corner of the main page... you want to know why, cause I randomly found a mangascreener banner on their site (I was surfing today and I was like OMG, someone actually put a banner to mangascreener on their page) and so I put there banner on mangascreener to show my gratitude... if you know any other cool sites with mangascreener banners, let me know, i think I’ll put the first 10 or so on the main page... who knows =P That’s about it... now who's read Under The Dapple Shade, I haven’t gotten any feedback in the forum yet, so I’m getting worried ~_~
Ian Smith, Webmaster ::

2001.10.14-22:40:: Well after another week of school all of us here at mangascreener have some new manga for you, in fact we put up a completely new manga for you, the first TEN chapters of it too, now how's that =p we also have 2 new banners in the banner section, and as you might have all noticed, the forum has been on fire all week, so go and hang out, and let your opinions be known (and i should probably keep my opinions to myself so i don't get screamed at anymore ~_~) now for the manga~!
Under The Dapple Shade v01c01-v02c10 *its gonna take you hours to read, maybe years if you're on dialup, cause nergal made these pretty HQ, and there's a ton of it*
Ian Smith, Webmaster ::

2001.10.9-23:45:: YAY FOR BANNERS~! we just recieved tons more banners, i love em bunches too, and we've got a lot going on on the message board too... not much other than that tonight, other than i went out to dinner with a beautiful girl, got contacted by an old friend, got in an arguement with my 4 room mates (eep)... etc. anyways mingtian wo you yi ge zhongwen xiaokao, suoyi wo bixu shuijiao... zaijian =p
Ian Smith, Webmaster ::

2001.10.7-23:05:: You might have wondered where I went, well the University of Washington's fall term just began on Oct.01 so I've been bombarded with homework and readings (over 200 pages) for the last week, not to mention I had a church retreat this weekend, so this is the first real chance I've got to work on the page. However I must say you'll be very very happy with what I've got for you, but first I'd like to thank everyone for voting on noated (even though not many people have rated us very well) and I'd like to thank the 2 people who sent me banners so far, and hope for more of a response, but most of all, all the new members on the forum, keep on talking guys. Now for the manga... Tonight's treats are:
One Piece v02ch12-v03ch26 (that's 15 chapters for people who can't count)
Shaman King v01c07 (a very awesome chapter of Shaman King)
Ian Smith, Webmaster ::

2001.9.26-22:37:: We're looking for more interaction on the site, so we've come up with two ways YOU can help us out. The first is by making banners for us (in any of the 3 standard sizes) using manga characters from the projects we're doing, and submit them Here. Also you can help out by being active on the message board with opinions, conversations or just comedy antics, knowing that someone cares goes a long way ~_~
Oh and vote for us on
Ian Smith, Webmaster ::

2001.9.26-11:04:: Got five more chapters of city hunter for you, that'll be it for a while, i've got to work and get ready for school, i'll add more this weekend though...
City Hunter v01c01-v01c05 (the whole first volume)
Ian Smith, Webmaster ::

2001.9.26-3:37:: Late night addition... For starters, the url works again, so you don't have to remember that other url anymore =) and 6 more chapters of manga have been added to the page tonight.
One Piece v01c06-v02c11
Thats all for tonight, I'll be back tommarow with at least 5 chapters of city hunter for sure.
Ian Smith, Webmaster ::


2001.9.25-17:41:: Just added 6 more chapters of manga...
One Piece v01c01-05
Shaman King v01c06

2001.9.25-12:09:: Just re-build the message board, so go and tell me what you guys think of the chapters of manga I added last night... I know the colors are still jumbled, i'll see what I can do about that later ~_~
Ian Smith, Webmaster ::

2001.9.25-1:31:: After a long day of html work for both myself and my job, I finished the templates needed for the manga pages themselves, so I quickly put them to use, and uploaded the first 6 chapters of manga in months. I would upload more, but I can only go as fast as my connection will allow (damn dialup). Without further adieu, tonight's manga are:
Ryuuroden v01c01
Shaman King v01c01-05
Now its time for bed ::
Ian Smith, Webmaster ::

2001.9.24-15:43:: Two months have passed, and in that time there has been a lot of work done, well mostly on manga (like one piece, ryuuroden and shaman king) what didn't move an inch was this page, I made the mistake of putting it in someone else's hands, and changing the v-host on the domain to his server, and nothing got done. However, I'm back in charge as webmaster again so here we go, by the end of October we should have a few hundred chapters of manga online, so just be a little more patient as we tweak the layout a bit more.
Ian Smith, Webmaster ::

2001.7.24-6:39:: Well after around 10 days of being silent, i've got some news, we've been working hard on the script for the main page, and we'll have it up as soon as sets up phpmyadmin for us, but i doubt it'll happen any time soon, or at all... but if you want to see the script, check it out here. Did a little more work on the Edited manga page, and was cataloging the stuff i'm gonna give away in the manga screener rewards program... some time this week i'll be re-attaching all the manga that was on the page when it moved off of, maybe then i won't get so many people coming and giving me bad ratings at by the way, thats not nice, wait until i'm done with the page to give me 1's ok >_< off to chinese with me, i've got a midterm today and homework due...
Ian Smith, Webmaster ::