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Page started July 25, 1999

Hey folks, I think I'm finally hanging up my hat on this one. It's been a fun decade but the drive just isn't there anymore. Rip it sick, brothers and sisters.

4.12.09: Easter present for you. One Piece 535-539 and new volumes, Cross Game 121-140.

3.8.09: Sometimes I will get lazy and not update the news page here, but if you want the OP script I always put it up around Sunday/Monday. One Piece 530-534.

1.25.09: One Piece 529.

1.18.09: One Piece 528.

1.4.09: One Piece 526-527. Oops, forgot to upload last time.

12.8.08: One Piece 525, Rookies 161-165.

11.30.08: One Piece 524.

11.23.08: One Piece 523.

11.17.08: One Piece 522.

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