Another Monster
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These two paragraphs are written on the front and back cover of the book, in English. Don't worry, my English is not as bad.

"Johan incident" once spooked Germany.
But the truth of the incident is still left undisclosed.
This document is a vivid report of the "Johan incident" put together
by an Austrian journalist,
who found similarities between
the "Johan incident" and a murder case
that happened in the suburbs of Salzburg
for which the writer was in the field.
Are you ready to accept the striking reality
that emerged out of the report!?

What is the reason and the process behind the destruction of
"511 Kinderheim" and how did it happen?
What is the secret and the purpose behind the experiment that took place
at the "Red Rose Mansion"?
Who were Franz Bonaparta and the mother of the twins?
And the story of the animated cartoon "The Magnificient Steiner" will now first to be unveiled!
What are the sinister horror novel "Dorn im Dunklen" and the picture book
"Das Schlafende Monstrum"?... A full reveal of the memo in Grimmer's note...
The mystery lurked in the picture book that was newly found...
...and is there another monster!?

For the sake of comprehension, it is recommended that you do not read the short story "The Awakening Monster" until after you have finished the book.
-Naoki Urasawa

Part One (1986-1997)
Chapter 1 - The Beginning (April 2001; Vienna)
Chapter 2 - Kenzo Tenma (May 2001; Yokohama, Tokyo, London)
Chapter 3 - Eva Heinemann (May 2001; Düsseldorf)
Chapter 4 - Heinrich Lunge (May 2001; Brussels)
Chapter 5 - Kinderheim 511 (May 2001; Berlin)
Chapter 6 - Multiple Personalities (June 2001; Frankfurt)
Chapter 7 - Rudi Gillen (June 2001; Paris)
Chapter 8 - Underground Banks (June 2001; Füssen)
Chapter 9 - Karl Schuwald (June 2001; Munich)
Chapter 10 - Lotte Frank (June 2001; Munich)
Chapter 11 - Julius Reichwein (June 2001; Munich)

Part Two (1997-1998)
Chapter 12 - Czech and Germany (July 2001; Prague)
Chapter 13 - Jan Suk (July 2001; Prague)
Chapter 14 - Karel Ranke (July 2001; Prague)
Chapter 15 - The Red Rose Mansion (July 2001; Prague)
Chapter 16 - Anna (August 2001; Prague)
Chapter 17 - Sobotka (August 2001; Prague)
Chapter 18 - Jaromir Lipsky (August 2001; Prague)
Chapter 19 - Fritz Verdeman (August 2001; Düsseldorf)
Chapter 20 - Martin (September 2001; Frankfurt)
Chapter 21 - Peter Capek (September 2001; Frankfurt)
Chapter 22 - Grimmer's Notebook (October 2001; Berlin)
Chapter 23 - Herman Fuer (November 2001; Vienna)
Chapter 24 - Collapse (November 2001; Düsseldorf)
Chapter 25 - Ruhenheim (November 2001; Ruhenheim)
Chapter 26 - Nina Forter, a.k.a. Anna Liebert (November 2001; Vienna)
Chapter 27 - "The Magnificent Steiner" (November 2001; Valletta)
Chapter 28 - Anna Part II (December 2001; Brno)
Chapter 29 - Klaus Poppe (December 2001; Jablonec nad Nisou)
Chapter 30 - Franz Bonaparta (December 2001; Jablonec nad Nisou)
Final Chapter - (December 2001; Jablonec nad Nisou)

Afterword from the Translator
Special Supplement - Storybook "The Awakening Monster"