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6/00 - 5/01: Inactivity
6.20.00: Here is the rest of Volume 3 of Conan, though I think I should have finished it much earlier.  Oh well, you can't do everything.
5.29.00: Hello all.  I'm here to tell you that I'm going to change the pace of the translations.  I will no longer update for every chapter.  Instead, I will only update when I finish a volume.  Having said that, here is the last of Volume 2 of One Piece.  I was planning on waiting until June 16 to update, since that is the last day of school, but I decided I would tell you earlier.
5.14.00: Chapter 16 OP.
5.13.00: File 24 Conan.
5.9.00: Chapter 15 OP.  Sorry for the wait, I've been a little busy lately.
5.2.00: File 23 Conan, plus a guide for those who don't know Japanese family terms.
4.25.00: Update #2; Chapter 14 OP.  I've been pretty busy lately. Let's hope I can keep this pace up, and I'll be done before I know it.
4.25.00: File 22 Conan.
4.24.00: Update #2; Chapter 13 OP.
4.24.00: File 21 Conan.
4.22.00: Chapter 12 OP.
4.21.00: Heh. 4 o'clock in the morning, sitting in my room, listening to the Lord of the Rings and translating Conan.  Just what I wanted to do for spring break.  Volume 3, File 20 for Conan.
4.20.00: Uploaded Volume 3 information for Conan.
4.17.00: Chapter 11 OP.
4.15.00: I'm now on SPRING BREAK.  La lala.  I finished up Volume 2 of Conan, and I had a blast doing the 4-panel strips at the end, so you better have a blast reading them or I'll blast your internal organs out of your back with a shotgun.  Blast.
4.11.00: Chapter 10 OP.
4.10.00: File 18 from Volume 2 of Conan.
4.9.00: Ah, long time no see, yes?  To keep it short, something happened to the old server, I dunnoo what, but it's down and I never got a message from buttface about it, SOOOOOOooooooo, here I am at Geocities, with that stupid banner in the corner.  Oh well, at least it's free.  Chapter 9 of One Piece, with volume 2 page and information.
4.9.00: Site moves to Geoshitties
3.17.00: Grrr.  12:30 at night.  Must sleep.  File 17.
3.12.00: Volume 1 of One Piece has been finished.
3.9.00: In yet another example of my incredible brain prowess and unflinching dedication to my work, I have finished File 16 of Conan in one day.  I know, I know, it's kind of hard to believe that I'm so cool, but hey, I'm a modest guy.
3.8.00: Oh yes.  Chapter 7 of One Piece.  Oh yes.
3.4.00: My computer has been moved and set up, and I finished File 15 of Conan.  Hooray for me.
3.2.00: Didn't move the computer yet, but I did manage to get scans for the books I don;t have scans for yet.  Yay!
3.1.00: Chapter 6 of OP is done.  It might be a few days until the next update, because my dad just bought a new computer and I'm going to transfer the computer that I've been doing this work on upstairs to my room.
2.26.00: I finished File 14 of Conan, and I apologize for taking longer than usual.
2.20.00: Chapter 5 OP.
2.16.00: File 13 (vol.2) Conan.  Oh yeah, gotta be my fastest ever.  Woo!!
2.15.00: Chapter 4 of One Piece.
2.13.00: I uploaded file 12 of Vol.2 of Conan and I also updated the reviews page.
2.11.00: Chapter 3 of OP is done, sorry for taking a bit longer than usual.
2.6.00: File 11 from vol.2 of Conan is finished.
2.3.00: Chapter 2 of One Piece is finished.
1.30.00: File 10 from vol. 2 of Conan is ready to be viewed.
1.27.00: Whew.  One Piece chapter one is now complete.
1.23.00: One Piece is taking much longer than expected, mostly because of midterm finals and a general lack of energy on my part.  The first chapter is more than fifty pages, so I'm about halfway done with it.  I also got volume 2 of Conan, so I will probably switch off chapters between MC and OP.
1.15.00: Well, as you can see, I've slightly modified the layout to accomodate my One Piece translations, which I will start working on today.
1.15.00: One Piece Project Begins
1.14.00: File 9, and Volume 1 finished.  About damn time, huh?!  If it takes me half a year to do one volume, I'll be 50 before I'm done!
1.8.00: File 8 is done.  Only one more left in Volume 1!
1.6.00: File 7 is finished and uploaded.
1.4.00: Hey everybody!(all 10 of you)  I bet you thought I was dead! Well, not quite.  I was actually in a kind of comatose state known as "student".  School has ground work on my project to a halt, and no, I haven't done a single thing in the last four months.  Having said that, I would like to apologize to all of you who thought I would upload all the rest of the series after a couple months of waiting.  Sorry.  I would like to get back into some sort of pattern of updates and work, but that all depends on homework (and my new Dreamcast!)  I have put some serious thought into the future for this site, and I decided I would like to try and simultaneously translate another manga series.  I know you're probably thinking that I'm slow enough as it is with Conan that I can't possibly do anything else in a timely manner, but I am thinking about it as kind of a break, y'know, something easier for when Conan gets a little too over my head and I need to try something else for a bit.  Right now I'm trying to decide between One Piece and Wataru ga Pyun!.  One Piece is a bit tougher than Wataru, but the series isn't quite as long.  Wataru is pretty easy to read, but it's a really really long series.  One last note: Thank you all for getting in touch, sorry for not writing back, and the Ran-kun problem is now solved.  File 6 uploaded.