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12.28.01: Putting up an update to celebrate finishing Volume 8 of I"s!  Two I"s celebration days in a row!!  Yikes.  I did 6 whole chapters of various series today.  If I don't watch out, I'm going to be crippled by back problems from sitting and slouching in my uncomfortable little chair.  Although I just tried putting my pillow on top of the seat, which makes it much more padded, but my rear still hurts.  Ah well.  Oh yes, files 1 and 2 of Conan are now redone.  I'll have a counter on the translations page that shows how many I've rewritten so far.
12.27.01: I'm doing an update today to celebrate reaching the halfway mark in I's!  Woohoo!!  Now starts the undoubtedly better half of the story, and the real reason why I started it in the first place.  Also, for some kicks, I tried finding my site with the search engine, and I found out that there are several other sites (blogs, journals, etc.) that use the same title as mine.  So to clear up any confusion that might cause, the title of my page, "more awkward pirouettes..." is a quote from a music album.  The name of the group is Godspeed you Black Emperor! (yes, the exclamation point is part of the name.)  GyBE! plays a beautiful kind of orchestral, movie soundtrack music.  There are lots of violins, no vocals, two drummers.  With a few exceptions, all of their music could be put to Holocaust footage because it is literally the most sorrowful music I have ever heard in my life.  I also recommend the newest Silver Mt. Zion cd/double 10" album, as it is a side project of GyBE! that is very similar and also quite good.
In other news, I started reworking the Conan translations last night.  You can think of them as the wide screen version of my original translations.  Now you can see everything that was left out, and everything should make sense.  It's coming along well.  However, since I am literally redoing them and not retouching them, it will take a long time.
12.23.01: I cleaned up the layout a tiny bit.  Now there is a button at the top to go to the main translation page where you can see everything else.  I also put up the miscellaneous things I've been doing as well.  Keep in mind that I usually only work on anything other than Conan, OP or I"s after I've done enough for the day.  So I would only work on something different if I had already done chapters of OP and I"s that day.  For instance.  What I'm saying is that the other things don't take any time out of my regular "schedule" (haha).  I was also looking at my news page and found out some interesting stuff.  From July 1999 to July 2000, I finished about 5 books total.  From May 2001 to now, I finished 21.  It took me from January 15, 2000 to August 14, 2001 to complete the first 6 books of One Piece.  Yesterday I finished book 13.  It's amazing how much better I've gotten at this, simply amazing.  And now I can look back and say, damn... that early stuff is bad.  So if you're reading any of the stuff I did a long time ago, please take it with a grain of salt because a lot of it is badly badly done.  I definitely want to go back and re-do the bad stuff.  I don't have any immediate plans to do this, but if I get a big burst of energy from somewhere I might get onto it.  That's what's been up with me.  How about you?
P.S. Go see the Lord of the Rings.  It is bad, bad... BAD ASS.
12.18.01: Hopefully there should be a LOT of messed up links that are okay now.  I promise... no more.  No!  I'm serious this time!
12.14.01: Aright, another update.  I'm all done with 7 of the 15 I"s books now...  I've also got up to book 19 in One Piece, so I have about 6 more books to finish to catch up with that one... hoo boy.  In other news, read GTO.  It's hilarious.
11.27.01: Woohoo.  Another update.  Some more of the usual stuff.  You know what to look for.
11.24.01: Angel Densetsu Project Begins
11.12.01: Monster, H2 Projects Begin
11.7.01: Long-overdue update time!  Here is Conan, files 52-58, and One Piece, chapters 89-95.
10.4.01: Whoa!  Been a while since I actually updated.  Having said that, here is a bunch of new stuff, plus the first file from Conan volume 6!  Yes, I finally have it!  Let the detective work continue!  Oh yes, and I'm uploading the work I did on another series during the absence of Conan, I"s.  Enjoy!
9.30.01: Hunter x Hunter Project Begins
9.11.01: I decided it was about time to upload my stuff.
8.31.01: Here's a bunch of new swag to look at.  Something is very wrong with the web page.  I blame geocities.  I hope I can get it fixed.
8.21.01: Well, I just finished Volume 7 of One Piece.  Can you believe it?  6 days ago I started on it.
8.17.01: Some more goodies.  I start school on Monday... boo.
8.15.01: I made the page for Volume 7, and put up the first chapter of that book.
8.14.01: Here it is, the last of Volume 6.  I am tearing these suckers up.  w00t w00t!
8.12.01: Here's a couple more chapters.  I've been working on something along with One Piece, but I won't put it up until I'm much further through it.  Don't worry, it's not something you can't find elsewhere...
8.4.01: Two more chapters of One Piece.
8.1.01: Here's some more One Piece stuff.  The rest of volume 5, actually.
7.28.01: Update bonanza!  3 more chapters of each!!  I don't know how I did it.  Anyways, I finished volume 5 of Conan in little more than a month!  I must be getting faster... Now I have a little problem.  I don't have volume 6 yet!!  So until I can get a hold of one, I'll have to stick with One Piece... and possibly something secret...
7.25.01: I"s Project Begins
7.23.01: File 47 for Conan.  I went to the San Diego Comic Con on Saturday, and was rather unimpressed with the lack of real manga there.  Sure, you can buy all the $15-25 manga you want, in English, but who wants to do that?  I did however, manage to complete the I"s series, which was simply amazing... highly recommended.
7.18.01: One Piece chapter 38.
7.14.01: Here is Conan file 46.  Sorry for taking too long.
7.12.01: Well, the other day I bought One Piece number 11 and found that I had been spelling the names "Rufi" and "Bagii" phonetically.  They are actually "Luffy" and "Buggy".  So 15 minutes in Word was all I needed to change that in all the text files.  I realize very few people actually come here for the One Piece contents, so maybe my change won't be too noticeable.  Well anyways.
7.8.01: Next chapter of One piece.
7.7.01: Another file of Detective Conan.
7.2.01: Here is the next chapter of One Piece, and the page for Volume 5.
7.1.01: I finally finished File 44.  Those wrap-up chapters take the longest time.  This was the largest 16-page file yet.  The only files that are bigger have more than 16 pages.
6.24.01: Here's File 43 and Chapter 34.  I'm not going to be home Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday night, so if I don't update tomorrow I probably won't until next weekend.
6.23.01: File 42 of Conan.
6.21.01: Chapter 33 of One Piece.
6.19.01: File 41 of Conan and Chapter 32 of One Piece.
6.18.01: I added the page for Volume 5 of Conan, plus file 40.
6.16.01: Chapter 31 of One Piece.  I am no longer a high school student.
6.13.01: The last chapter of volume 4 of Conan plus another one from One Piece.
6.9.01: File 38 of Conan, one more to go in volume 4!
6.5.01: I added chapter 29 of One Piece, plus I updated the now-archaic reviews section.
6.4.01: Files 36 and 37 of Conan, and chapter 28 of One Piece.
5.28.01: New chapters of both, plus the new volume 4 page for One Piece.  Memorial day.
5.10.01: File number 34 for Conan is ready, and I finished One Piece volume 3.  That makes a total of 6 books under my belt!
5.7.01: Here's Chapter 25 of One Piece.  One more chapter of that and volume 3 will be finished.
5.7.01: Goddamnit, Geocities is fucking retarded.  It took me more than an hour to fix everything cause it would print some letters twice, on the links too, so you wouldn't go to the right file.  I think I fixed it though.  It's 2:38 in the morning, its Monday, and I have to get up for school tomorrow at 6.  Have good sleep.
5.7.01: Hello?  Are you still out there?  Here's the piddling amount of stuff I have done since last year. Sorry.
By the way if you want to email me I have a new address that you can simply click on below, it's  Heh heh dokumiyaku meaning 'poison taster', as in one to check the king's dinner to make sure it's clean.  Just don't send anything to the old one.  I also now have a small page of links to stuff, MOST of which is trivial.