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12.21.02: One Piece 238-239, Monster 75, 20th Century Boys 56-57, Hunter x Hunter 24, Happy! 8.
12.14.02: I added some content in the Conan section.  One Piece 237, Monster 73-74, 20th Century Boys 54-55.
12.7.02: One Piece 236, Monster 71-72, 20th Century Boys 52-53, Happy! 7.
11.30.02: One Piece 234-235, Monster 69-70, 20th Century Boys 49-51, Hunter x Hunter 23, Happy! 6.
11.23.02: One Piece 231-233, a Conan case(92-95), Monster 66-68, 20th Century Boys 46-48, Angel Densetsu 15, Hunter x Hunter 22, Happy! 2-5.
11.16.02: One Piece 228-230, Monster 64-65, 20th Century Boys 43-45, Happy! 1.
11.14.02: Rookies Project Begins
11.12.02: Happy! Project Begins
11.9.02: Mid-week update part 2!  This one is because I'm visiting relatives out of town over the weekend, so I won't be home on Saturday to do the usual update.  See you next Saturday.  One Piece 226-227, Monster 62-63, 20th Century Boys 41-42, Angel Densetsu 14, Hunter x Hunter 21.
11.2.02: New title.  I like it.  Release bonanza!  Booya, look at that!  18 chapters, consisting of: One Piece 221-225, Monster 58-61, 20th Century Boys 36-40, [MS]Keroro Gunso 8-9, [MS]My Name is Zushio 10-11.
10.23.02: MID-WEEK UPDATE!  This is to celebrate coming back to life like Frankenstein.  Since I'm updating now, I won't update this weekend, instead I'll do it next week.  One Piece 220, Monster 57, 20th Century Boys 34-35.
10.19.02: Okay, as a few of you might know, there have been some unscrupulous people using my OP translations for scanlations against my express wishes.  This is something that bothers me greatly.  I have noticed that there are two types of people who read scanlations, the kind who use them as a means of finding new manga to fall in love with and (hopefully) purchase, and those who see it as robbery for robbery's sake.  Myself, I buy tons and tons of manga, so it would only make sense that i ascribe to the former view, not the latter.  However, some people think that because they're illegal in the first place, who cares if they're licensed?  And for that matter, since we're stealing we might as well go the full mile and steal some translations as well, and revel in our glorious banditry!  Again, this is a notion that really sickens me, and now that it's happened to me personally, I feel... well, violated.  I have spent a seriously large portion of my everyday life doing this to help people out, and I don't regret it one bit, I have met some wonderful people through this whole venture into the online manga "scene" if you will, both through the website and through my work at Mangascreener.  I don't want to stop anytime soon.  But things like this can really change one's perspective, even if it only lasts for a short time.  I apologize to everyone who saw my outburst last night, I posted at the end of a very, very long, stressful, exhausting day that didn't even have anything to do with manga or the internet, and I really shouldn't have even taken the time to update, but I think the above statements I left are still relevant.  Sorry if I worried any of you, I feel better now.  Thank you Ian, and Info from Manga-Daisuki for taking such decisive actions that I would have never dared to do myself.  One Piece 219, Monster 56, 20th Century Boys 33, [MS]My Name is Zushio 9, [MS]Keroro Gunso 7, [MS]Kyou Kara Ore Wa!! 7.
10.12.02: One Piece 217-218, Monster 54-55, Beck 35, 20th Century Boys 31-32, [MS]My Name is Zushio 8.
10.5.02: One Piece 215-216, a rather long case of Conan (87-91), Monster 53, Beck 34, 20th Century Boys 29-30, [MS]Keroro Gunso 6.
9.28.02: One Piece 214, 20th Century Boys 27-28, [MS]My Name is Zushio 7, [MS]Keroro Gunso 5.  I will have some Conan next time, I swear.
9.21.02: Sorry, another small update, been wasting too much time on Kingdom Hearts.  One Piece 213, Monster 51, 20th Century Boys 26, [MS]My Name is Zushio 6.
9.14.02: Small update this week.  One Piece 212, Monster 50, 20th Century Boys 25, [MS]Keroro Gunso 4.
9.7.02: One Piece 209-211, a case of Conan (84-86), Monster 48-49, 20th Century Boys 22-24, [MS]Kyou Kara Ore Wa!! 6, [MS]Keroro Gunso 3.
8.31.02: Did something a little different and decided to put up various bits of info on the "cover" pages for all the different manga series, hope the info helps somebody out.  One Piece 206-208, Monster 45-47, 20th Century Boys 19-21, [MS]Kyou Kara Ore Wa!! 5, [MS]My Name is Zushio 4-5, [MS]Keroro Gunso 2.
8.24.02: One Piece 204-205, Monster 44, 20th Century Boys 17-18, [MS]Kyou Kara Ore Wa!! 4, [MS]My Name is Zushio 3, [MS]Keroro Gunso 1.
8.17.02: The servers at are switching over the next week or so, which means the site has been down for some time.  I don't know if, by the time you can get the site working, there will be any more downtime, but hopefully there should be a minimum.  One Piece 202-203, this week's Conan case (81-83), Monster 42-43, 20th Century Boys 15-16.
8.13.02: Shaman King Project Cancelled
8.10.02: I've been feeling increasingly burnt out lately with regards to the site.  I'm not saying that I want to stop at all, just that with the addition of other projects for Mangascreener, I'm finding it harder to get a decent amount of work done.  In addition, it looks like I'm going to get a job pretty soon, so that means even less time.  I'm definitely going to put some series back on the "on hold" list.  One Piece 201, this week's Conan case (78-80), Monster 41, Hunter x Hunter 20, 20th Century Boys 13-14, Shaman King 11.
8.3.02: Another slow week.  One Piece 200, Monster 40, Angel Densetsu 13, Hunter x Hunter 19, 20th Century Boys 12, Shaman King 10.
7.27.02: I apologize for the small update this week, I've had a wretched cold and understandably translation hasn't been my biggest priority for the past couple days.  One Piece 198-199, Beck 33, Monster 39, Angel Densetsu 12, Hunter x Hunter 18, 20th Century Boys 11, Shaman King 8-9.
7.20.02: One Piece 196-197, this week's Conan case (72-77), Monster 37-38, Angel Densetsu 11, HunterxHunter 15-17, 20th Century Boys 8-10, Shaman King 6-7.
7.13.02: One Piece 194-195, Beck 32, Monster 35-36, Angel Densetsu 10, HunterxHunter 13-14, H2 18-19, 20th Century Boys 5-7, Shaman King 4-5.
6.22.02: I won't be around to update next Saturday, and there's a possibility I may not be around the Saturday after that, so... sorry everyone, just hold tight.  One Piece 190-193 and 26 revised, This week's Conan case (68-71), Beck 31, Monster 32-34, Angel Densetsu 8-9, H2 15-17, HunterxHunter 9-12, 20th Century Boys 2-4, Shaman King 1-3.
6.15.02: Oh boy, so much to tell, so much to tell!  First of all, I made an extra push to get I"s finished this week!  Yes, finished!!  Also, I was all caught up in Beck for less than 24 hours, cause I went back to the bookstore and got a treasure trove of manga, including Beck 11!  I also got Shaman King 1, which I've been waiting forever to do, and so it begins...  If you have a problem with that, I suggest you find a song by the legendary punk band Minor Threat.  It's called "I Don't Wanna Hear It".  Hahahahaha!  I'm also starting 20th Century Boys, another masterpiece by the author of Monster, and this will be done as a Hawks-Mangascreener joint project.  It will be awesome, I can't wait.  I'm also taking the other series off the "paused" list and back into normal rotation!  Oh boy, I'm so busy busy busy!!  One Piece 186-189 and 21-25 revised, I"s 137-143, That Conan case I mentioned last week(62-67), Beck 29-30, Monster 29-31, Angel Densetsu 7, HunterxHunter 8, H2 13-14, 20th Century Boys 1.
6.15.02: I"s Project Completed, Nobody But Me Cares
6.12.02: 20th Century Boys, Shaman King Projects Begin
6.8.02: Finished all the revisions of Conan, so forward progress will finally be made now.  I've also realized that with Conan cases, sometimes there are hints left that are intended to be puzzling until the answer is revealed, and which really need to be translated in the full context before revealed.  So basically I'm going to release Conan chapters in cases, so that I don't have to re-upload chapters that I had to correct.  The next case is 6 chapters, so you gotta wait till next week.  One Piece 182-185 and 19-20 revised, I"s 132-136, Conan 61 and 60 revised, Beck 27-28, Monster 27-28.
6.1.02: June already.  How about that Memorial Day weekend, my fellow Americans?  Anyways, SCHOOL IS OUT!!!  Yes!  More free time!!  Expect a bit of a rise in pace for a while, more along the lines of the amounts from this week and last, rather than about a month ago.  One Piece 178-181 and 17-18 revised, I"s 129-131, Conan 57-59 revised, Beck 24-26, Monster 25-26.
5.25.02: One Piece 175-177 and 15-16 revised, I"s 126-128, Conan 54-56 revised, Beck 22-23, Monster 24.
5.18.02: I did a major update to the Translations Page to divide all my projects into categories based on what's happening with them, i.e. "proceeding fine", "on hold", etc...  I also made a short list of stuff I'm interested in translating in the future.  This week: One Piece 173-174, I"s 124-125, Conan 52-53 revised, Beck 21, Monster 23.  PS: Happy birthday, Ian.
5.11.02: One Piece 172 and 14 revised, I"s 123, Conan 50-51 revised, Beck 20, Monster 22.
5.4.02: Yo yo yo!  I got me a counter!  One Piece 170-171 and 13 revised, I"s 120-122, Conan 48-49 revised, Beck 19 and Monster 21.
4.27.02: My first update at my new home!  This week you get the following junk: One Piece 168-169 and 12 revised, I"s 119, Conan 46-47 revised, Beck 18 and Monster 20.
4.23.02: Breaking news! I've got my own place now!  No more Geocities!!  And for that I have only Ian from Mangascreener and the kind people at to thank.  Major kudos to them.  It does mean I have to find another counter, but who cares?  Gimme some suggestions.  Ian says he wants to make me a pretty page instead of this cold, sterilized monstrosity you see before you, so hopefully I'll be getting a makeover pretty soon.  Nothing new for you at the moment.
4.23.02: Site moves to Swoo, Humanity Rejoices
4.20.02: I did some revision of my html pages, largely through trial and error, and while it cut down on the file size a lot, I'm not sure if it will make any difference to anyone.  If there are any problems, please tell me.  It took a hell of a long time to change all of them, so there isn't a whole lot for this update.  One Piece 166-167 and 11 revised, I"s 116-118, Conan 44-45 revised, Beck 16-17, and Monster 19.
4.13.02: Beck volume 6 has been acquired at just the right time, so the project will continue unhampered.  Conan volumes 9 and 10 also acquired, so I have plenty on the plate for that series, as soon as I finish the revision of current scripts.  Uploading today: One Piece 163-165 and 10 revised, I"s 114-115, Conan 42-43 revised, Beck 15 and Monster 18.
4.7.02: Sorry, I realize this is a day late, and this is a pretty bare-bones update.  I was really tired this week, but I look forward to making lots of progress in the week to come.  The menu for this week: One Piece 161-162, and 9 revised, I"s 112-113, Conan 40-41 revised, and Beck 14.  Some news regarding Beck.  I have books 7-10, but not 6 yet.  Since I will be finishing up book 5 shortly, I"ve decided I"ll get a head start and start working on 7, but I will not put anything up until I get 6 and finish it, to make sure the context is entirely correct.  Chapter 1 (all 83 pages) will be up on Mangascreener very soon, and I highly suggest you go read it, because it is really great and no one knows anything about it.
3.30.02: Ah, this was a busy week for me!  One Piece 157-160 and 5-8 revised, I"s 108-111, Beck 11-13, Conan 35-39 revised, and Monster 15-17.  I feel like shit now.  I need sleep.
3.23.02: Okay, here we go, another update.  One Piece 154-156 and 2-4 revised, I"s 105-107, Beck 9-10, Conan 32-34 revised, and Monster 14.  Enjoy!  Oh yeah, I"m 3/4 of the way through I"s now.  Woo.
3.16.02: Here is my Saturday night update, according to schedule.  Up on the menu tonight is the following junk: Conan 29-31 revised, One Piece 151-153 and 1 revised (to be used for a Mangascreener re-release), One Piece RED Masterpiece Theatre: Buggy's Adventure, I"s 102-104, Beck 7-8, and Monster 13.  I also did a bunch of Kaizo chapters which will also be on Mangascreener before too long.
3.9.02: I want to get into a schedule of updating every Saturday night, so that I don't keep anyone hanging (haha as if) for extended periods of time.  So, this week I bring you the following: I"s 99-101, Conan 27-28 revised, One Piece 149-150, Romance Dawn (in Red: Grand Characters), Monster 12, and I was shown that Beck is actually 3 chapters a volume at 60+ pages each, so I split them up accordingly, and bring you Beck 1-6.  Enjoy.
3.9.02: Weekly Updates Begin (woohoo)
3.4.02: More stuff.  Look out in the future, as Mangascreener and I are teaming up once again, this time to bring you Beck.  I can't wait to see it edited and all.  It's a fabulous series.  You can now read the extremely short Shanks section from Grand Characters.  Romance Dawn coming up next.
2.22.02: Another sporadic update.  I am bringing you more of the usual content.  I'm now at the 2/3 mark in I"s.  I also picked up a copy of One Piece Red: Grand Characters.  I set up the skeleton pages for it in the One Piece section, and I will be slowly posting up bits and pieces of it.  Unfortunately it has info through volume 21, and I'm just starting 17, which means I'll only be putting up the sections that I know I've already covered in the story.  I don't want to have to put up captions for pictures I haven't translated already in the story, you know.  But at any rate, that should be some fun stuff.  There are a few more chapters of Monster and Katteni Kaizo up at the Mangascreener site now.  Oh yeah, and I got Conan volumes 7 and 8 as well.  Never fear, Conan fans!  I have not forgotten you!  Last note: Yes, I changed some of the stuff on the top.
2.8.02: Heya, work has already slowed to a crawl thanks to school.  Woo!  I'm done with I"s volume 10.  Two-thirds done!!  Look out for Katteni Kaizou on, I'm trying to make scripts for them, and the first chapter should be up very soon if not already.  It's funny.  You'll like it.
1.27.02: Everyone go check out if you haven't already.  It's got scans of Monster with my scripts!  It looks super cool.  School has started up again so my pace is going to slow a bit again, but I don't know how long I could have kept up at the rate I was going.
1.25.02: Beck Project Begins
1.16.02: Blablabla, new update.  I finished up Volume 15 of One Piece.
1.11.02: Here is another update, about 15-odd chapters of all the usual stuff.  On a side note, I've been getting into a lot of webcomics lately, some of which are really good and some of which are... not so good.  BUT...  one that I have been simply amazed by is this one called When I am King.  It's really really funny and I really like the art style.  You should check it out if have some time to spare.
1.3.02: The first update of the new, palidromic year.  This one is for the completion of Volume 14 of One Piece, now reaching the end of the Little Garden story.  I hope you all had a good and safe new years.