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8/99 - 1/00: Inactivity
8.18.99: I didn't really do much today, because I'm preparing for a 3 week student exchange in Japan that leaves Friday.  So I've been doing some last minute shopping, getting a hair cut (I'm gonna meet the mayor of Yokohama) and etc.  Now what you probably want to know is, will I have to wait 3 weeks for him to get back to San Diego to see any progress?  The bad news is, probably yes.  The good news is that I'll take my book with me so I WILL do some some work, you just won't see it till the second week of September.  Wish me luck!
8.17.99: I finished File 5 and I finally finished the manga reviews section, which took about 3 hours longer than I expected to make, so you better enjoy it.
8.14.99: Wow. I just came back from an incredible show, Spazz and Phobia!  Needless to say, I'm tired, so I'll just say File 5 is almost done, and I updated the reviews section.  It's also almost done.
8.13.99: After 2 days break, I did all of File 4 today.  I also updated the NG console guide to accomodate the new info on the PS2 release.  There are 5 files to go, but pagewise, I'm halfway through volume 1.  I'll try to finish my reviews section tomorrow as well.
8.10.99: Update #4!  Thanks to a very helpful person, my translation is now more accurate!
8.10.99: Whew!  Three updates in one day is too much. File 3 is now.... done.  tada!
8.10.99: Boy are my ears red.  In my haste to begin working on the series, I mis-translated the title (D'oh!!).  The whole page should be fixed of that blunder now.
8.9.99: I added a new Manga Reviews section.  It's long, but I still have a long way to go on it.  File 3 tomorrow.
8.7.99: File 2 is finished.  File 3 is a lot shorter, so I'll have that possibly done tomorrow.
8.6.99: In case you didn't notice, I joined the Detective Conan Webring (yaay) and I got a spiffy picture of the cover of Volume 1 on the Volume 1 page.
8.5.99: Sorry about the lack of updates.  On sunday I went to an all day concert, and mon. thru wed. I was in Las Vegas, home of sin and debauchery :)  So basically I haven't had any time.  Look for all of File 2 in a day or two.
7.30.99: File 1 is done.  I'm gonna go play Jade Cocoon.
7.29.99: Pg. 26-32.  ehehehe.  sorry, I'm really tired.  Blame it on band practice.
7.28.99: Pg. 20-25 finished.  I'm gonna finish the chapter tomorrow, I swear!
7.27.99: Pg. 13-19 are now up.
7.26.99: Pg. 12 up, fixed inspector's name to Megure.
7.26.99: The first 11 pages of File 1 are now translated.  Check it out!
7.25.99: The page is up!! Nothing much right now, but soon I'll have part of the first "File" up for you to use.
7.25.99: Conan Project Begins